Yay, you're in for another 12 weeks!

We're so happy  that you've decided to join us in the next round of the 12-in-12 Challenge. We'll do everything to make sure you have an amazing time and continue making great progress!

What will happen next?

We're starting the next 12-in-12 Challenge early June; the exact date will be confirmed soon!

Depending on which level you've completed in the previous Challenge, we'll enroll you in the next level. So if you did the A1 level before, you'll get the A2 level lessons now.

We'll also extend your Brainscape access for another 6 months. You should have about 3 months left on your current subscription, and the extra 6 months will be added on top of that!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out! You know where to find us (in the Slack channel, or click "support" in the top menu 🙂 ).

Anja & Lukas