Your 12-in-12 Plan

Welcome to 12-in-12 Challenge Preparation Phase!

In this first phase we’re going to lay the foundation for your own 12-Week Language Learning Plan.

  • First of all, we’re going to discover where you’re at in your language learning journey right now.
  • Once we’ve done that, we’re going to determine your vision on language learning.
    You’re going to answer some questions about what you’re really trying to achieve here. We’ll go both broad (to find your underlying motives) and very specific (to see in which situations you’ll need the language).
  • After that, you'll do some planning and start creating a language learning routine that you're going to follow over the next 12 weeks. It'll consist of both Focused Study Sessions (during which you use the weekly lessons you get from us) and Daily Exposure (where you're just having Spaß with German!)

We've made an assessment form to guide you through the full preparation phase and create your 12-week plan:

Please complete the survey as soon as possibleWe're getting started on Monday 4. March... 🙂

Immersion Materials

PS If you click here, you can find some good extra "immersion resources" to use during the challenge, on top of the lessons we give you every week 🙂

And here are Anja's favourite resources!

Viel Spaß!